The Opening Move

It’s official, a board game café is coming to the Boston Area. ‘Knight Moves’ will open in Brookline in late June Fall 2013. The lease is signed, the space is being renovated, the paper work is being processed and it is all beginning to happen. In a town like Boston, with a thriving intellectual community, the need for a central hub for board gamers has never been greater.

We’re a collection of Board Game Geeks at ‘Knight Moves’, and for years we’ve lamented the inconveniences Board Gamers face in Boston. Wobbly tables, noisy venues, and that the city seems to roll up the streets at 9 o Clock. We’re aiming to fix all that, to create a venue where you can relax and play games to your heart’s content.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this new venture, ‘Knight Moves’ is an idea we’ve wanted to see in Boston for a long time, and we finally decided that we were going to have to do it ourselves. It is going to be a grand adventure, and we’ll be logging every step of the way as we move forward.


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4 Responses to The Opening Move

  1. KaliBrasil says:

    This is awesome! Can’t wait! Keep us posted!

  2. Gunz Rod says:

    Wow about time something like this opened!! 🙂 Anyone playing Advanced Heroquest haha?

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