Why choose Boston for a Board Game Cafe?

Why bring a Board Game Cafe to Boston?

With over 50 Educational Institutions within city limits, Boston is one of the most educated cities in the United States. College students are some of the most voracious board gamers, and games have long been a pursuit of intellectuals looking to test their mental prowess. To attest this point, the Greater Boston area is home to a great many board game manufacturers, Ceaco, Gamewright, Ravensberger’s U.S. offices, Haywire, and a growing community of Indy developers. Small board game developers come out in Boston every year for the Boston Festival of Indy Games, a showcase well attended by the public.

We attend regular board game events in Boston hosted by a variety of people on Meetup.com. Several times a week, you can join groups playing at the Prudential Center, or on Cambridge Campus, or even some of the restaurants along Newbury Street. Boston has a thriving board game culture.

If you want to see board games in Boston, check out the biggest geek expo on the east coast, PAX East. Held once a year in Boston, PAX East has a table top area the size of two football fields put side by side, and every year it is full to the brim with people playing board games.

Above everything else, though, Boston is a community. LA, DC, and New York are giant anonymous cities, they are places where things happen, they are a backdrop to stories, but not Boston. Living in Boston means being a part of it, and sharing it with others. We all cheer for the Red Socks, we all swear by Brunch, and we complain about the T being 3 minutes late. It is a friendly city, where the idea of sitting down to play a board game with a handful of good people seems very natural.

We certainly can’t think of a city better suited for a Board Game Café.

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