The Perfect Living Room

Our goal is for Knight Moves to become your perfect living room. When you walk in expect a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. We intend to make sure there is plenty of table space for everyone, comfortable chairs, and healthy delicious snacks. So many game nights happen in dark basements, crowded coffee houses, or uncontrollable public settings. Too often Board Gamers have to fight for “the good chair”, and we all know the back pain that comes from playing board games on the floor. Not every space is well equipped to handle board games, and likewise not every table is made equally. Some tables wobble, and some table are so small, you have to play with half the game in your lap.

Plenty of table space, a cup of coffee, and quiet enough to discuss strategies, these are the sorts of things we’re offering at Knight Moves. An atmosphere with appropriate lighting that is easy on the eyes, but also bright enough to read card text. Additionally, no living room is complete without a wall of board games. This is a place for mature gamers to enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. None of the bombastic Toys R Us style that declares games as a pass time for children. More than a living room, we seek to emulate a Neo-Victorian Parlor: the sort of place that a person could read a Jules Vern Novel just as well as they could play a round of Agricola.

Historically, board games have held a certain sophistication and class that we hope to recapture. Heads of state, businessmen, philosophers have long discussed matters over an intelligent game to grease the wheels of thought. We also want to provide a space for groups of overworked parents to get away for a while and enjoy the company of fellow gamers. We want a space that can be as formal as your event requires, or as relaxed as you need after a day of work.20130926-122512.jpg

The ‘perfect living room’ is certainly a guiding principle behind Knight Moves; we want it to be your home away from home, a comfortable space for you and your friends to get the most out of each board game you play.

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