What is a Board Game Cafe?


In recent years the board game industry has been exploding into a massive phenomenon. News sources are calling it the Board Game Renaissance, with hundreds of new board games coming to market every year.

Board game cafes exist because it’s not always easy hosting a board game night in your own home. As an alternative, board game cafes take care of all of the prep work, all you and your friends need to do is sit down and play.

Board Game Cafes have long been an establishment in Asia, and are have taken root across Europe. Snakes and Lattes is a wildly successful cafe in Canada, but board game cafes in the United States are only just starting out. In fact a handful of high profile cafes are just now springing up across the nation.
A cafe charges a fee when a customer enters the cafe, and from there they have free reign to play as many games as they’d like. Some cafes use different pricing structures depending on the area, but the idea remains the same: get in, play games. Additionally, a cafe often has knowledgable staff that can help you set up a game and learn the basics of the rules.

Furthermore, a cafe builds a community and hosts events so that players can meet new friends, try new games, and share their passion. This is one of our many goals with Knight Moves.


Knight Moves will be the first Board Game Cafe to come to Boston. We’re incredibly excited and honored to provide a nexus point for board game players who would otherwise play in leaky basements, noisy bars, and uncomfortable chairs. Knight Moves will be your opportunity to play in luxury.


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