Game Knights

logoBeyond our normal operations, Knight Moves will be hosting a variety of specialty events. Everything from showcasing specific games, to applying a particular theme, and otherwise adding to the experience.

These signature “Game Knights”, will serve to bring the community together and give players the incentive to branch out into new experiences. Some events will require an additional entrance fee, with a discount for our members, of course.

We have a lot of ideas for these Game Knights: themed evenings, local designer nights, invitational murder mysterys, tournaments, and much much more.

Games are great, but the strongest part of a board game cafe will always be the players. Our commitment is to engage the community with amazing events, the likes of which are possible nowhere else. Knight Moved isn’t just a place where you can play board games, it will become a central hub for gamer culture, and a community where you’ll always be among friends.

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