The Knight Moves Sigil

Soon, the sign for Knight Moves will go up, the banner that announces us to the world. The sign was elegantly designed by George Restepo, and will be manufactured by “Jim Did It” Signs. Both have been excellent to work with towards this objective. It will soon be a Brookline landmark.

In a world of Meeples, a board gamer might inquire why we might choose the chess knight to represent our cafe.


When we grew up as children, we were introduced to many games, childrens’ games: Candyland, Monopoly, and every variation of roll and move you can think of. Games where the player has no real control over the game, and thus require very little thought.

Chess is often our first foray into a game that requires concentration and skill. It shows you the reward, victory, and assures you that if you learn you will achieve. Great games are not merely a diversion, but a way to better ourselves, and we do so with like minded people. The only way to test yourself at Chess is to find someone as dedicated to the game as you are.

No chess piece exemplifies the spirit of the game like the Knight. Where every other piece moves in predictable straight lines, confined by the walls of pieces constructed by the opponent, the knight is free to experiment and move wildly. No piece can turn the tide of Chess as quickly as the knight, and no piece is as difficult to master.

Of course, games are about learning and growing in a positive and fun environment, which is why the Knight Moves Knight sports a Bowler Hat, in his own sense of “dapper casual”. The dice behind him represent the excitement that comes from games of chance, and the gears represent a time when electricity and computers did not rule the day.

Our Opening approaches, and we are very excited to bring you and your friends into such an environment. Just follow the Knight to Knight Moves.

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