A Treasure Trove of Games


The world of Board Games is vast, thousands of games fill every gap imaginable from farming to space combat, from fighting zombies to managing fireworks, and still hundreds more board games come into view every year.

To play every one of those games is a feat unto itself, let alone buying each of them. Even the most dedicated board gamer has a few holes in their library, and more than a few games they regret. The solution of course is to try it before you buy it, by sampling of our vast collection of games.

We plan on staying on top of the market and bringing in the latest and greatest of games, with someone around to help teach as well. Personally, I know that it is one thing to hear a game described on a podcast and it is another thing entirely to sit down and play that game yourself. A convenient space with plenty of snacks to see if the latest deck builder is really different enough for you to want to buy it.

We’re also happy to report that we will have a handful of out of print games that are particularly hard to find. When was the last time you saw Midgard or Caylus at a store? We’ll be a great place to have a round of Pandemic when Z-Man sells out this holiday season and you couldn’t find a copy.

We’re also planning on wading through the massive amount of Kickstarter projects out there in an attempt to find the ones that are worthwhile to come into our cafe. Expect a Kickstarter featured section of games we approve of.

Games are what you’re coming for, and believe me, we have them in spades.

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2 Responses to A Treasure Trove of Games

  1. Scott says:

    Do you have any pre-1998 Avalon Hill, or SPI games to play?

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