Equal Exchange Coffee

By title, a board game cafe comes in two parts: the Board Game Part and the Cafe part. It is important to us that both elements of our Cafe receive the highest regard. That means more than just board games, we also need delicious coffee.

Coffee is more than a simple beverage, the legacy and culture surrounding coffee goes far deeper than one might imagine. The origin, blend, and roast of the coffee are all complex factors in a delicious process. For our coffee we are going through the company Equal Exchange: a fair trade organization that is dedicated to both the highest quality coffee and ethical trade agreements. We’ve spent a good deal of time researching and learning from Equal Exchange in how best to select and purvey our delicious dark beverage. They have been a wealth of information, and we’re very excited to put our new knowledge to use.

Equal Exchange maintains direct relationships with coffee growers and farming cooperatives, rather than going through bulk importers. As a result of their close relationship, Equal Exchange will often get first pick of the highest quality coffee harvest. They also pay the farmers fairly for their work, a relationship that breeds a better product and better coffee. Every employee of Equal Exchange spends at least a week visiting one of the cooperatives, putting their feet on the ground to get a true feeling of what it takes to make delicious coffee.

We plan to rotate a few popular blends, to give our customers a full sampling of coffee. It’s likely we’ll offer a vote on a variety of coffees to help determine our house blend.  A cup of coffee will be complimentary with the standard entrance into the cafe, but we’ll also offer counter service for the morning crowd who are looking for coffee but don’t have time for a board game.

Equal Exchange is an incredibly dedicated company, to the farmers, to the coffee drinkers, and to the coffee itself. We’re excited to bring that sort of passion into our cafe, and bring such delicious coffee to your cups.

Additionally, for those not inclined towards coffee, Equal Exchange also offers a wide range of Tea and Hot Chocolate, with equal attention to quality. If you’re looking for a calming cup of Chamomile or a decadent dark chocolate drink, our doors will be open to you.

There’s more to a Cafe than drinks, there are also delicious pastries and treats, which we will certainly provide. You’ll be hearing about those soon enough.

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