Grand Opening and Kickstarter

At Knight Moves, we’ve been very happy with our soft opening thus far. We’ve played a lot of games with a lot of people, and it has been fantastic. Now that we’ve worked a lot of the bugs out of the system, we’re ready to get planning our Grand Opening. Once we get our license for food and drink, we’re going to make a party of it.

Alongside that grand opening we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign. We started Knight Moves with everything we had, with big dreams for the Future. This Kickstarter will represent a chance for us to make those dreams happen sooner rather than later.

-We want to drastically increase and improve our selection of games, and build new shelves to hold them all.
-We want even more comfortable chairs, more game friendly tables, and better lighting.
-We want to bring on more dedicated staff, so we can give customers more individual attention and hold bigger and more elaborate events.
-We want to expand our menu of snacks and drinks.
-We want a dedicated online presence with better interactivity.

We have so many possibilities at our disposal, and if you are as excited as we are about making Knight Moves the best possible cafe it can be, we could really use your support.


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6 Responses to Grand Opening and Kickstarter

  1. Jonathan says:

    Awesome — Do you have a page on Kickstarter yet? If so, what’s the link?

    • theauthorm says:

      A link will be arriving shortly, we’ll get the page up and running and launch the campaign relatively soon.

      • Lisa, Jacob's Mom :-) says:

        Okay, time to get that kickstarter link up! How can we support you otherwise!?!? Have you seen the other projects up there from Brookline, MA? You guys would be amazing!

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  3. Oren Leifer says:

    Just a thought, but have you considered getting some of the refreshments from a local or nearby business? Just as a part of the “friendly, local” atmosphere.

  4. mike miles says:

    Wicked excited to see you guys opening. Walked by during your grand opening and it looked busy!

    Do you have a link to your kickstarter?

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