Knight Moves Saves the World Event

February 7th, Knight Moves Saves the World, and we need your help!
The premise is simple. Come into Knight Moves, play a cooperative game with friendly folks; every time you hit a game milestone you score a point for the cafe. When the Cafe reaches a number of points, we’ll reward everyone in the cafe.

imageRewards will be announced leading the event, but the true reward is that the score for that night will be recorded in the history of Knight Moves on our High Score Board. The score and the player’s names will be recorded both physically at the Cafe and on our website. We’ll be running these events in the future, and you’ll have the chance to beat other team’s high scores. Get your name on the score board to be an undisputed board game master!

imageHere is a brief list of our co-op board games and some of their milestones that will earn you the points that could rocket you to Board Game Glory!


Forbidden Island: Pick up a treasure

Forbidden Desert: Pick up an airship part.

Pandemic: Cure a disease

Mice and Mystics: Explore and Enter a New Room

Castle Panic: Kill a boss monster

Elder Sign: When you score two elder signs.Arkham Horror: Seal a PortaHanabi: Complete fireworks display

Battlestar Galactica: Pass 4 or 8 Distance

Shadows Over Camelot: Find the Grail, Excaliber, or defeat Lancelot or the Dragon

Flash Point: Rescue two victims.

Space Alert: Succesfully destroy a threat.

The Knight Moves staff is happy to teach you the skills to save a world in peril!

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