Knight Moves Designer Showcase

March 26th Knight Moves will be hosting some of Boston’s finest indie board game developers from the Game Makers Guild. From 6PM till close, five designers will be showing off their latest designs.

Events like this are a good chance to get to know the folks behind the games and the process it takes to make those games happen.

Furthermore, this gives you the chance to be a part of the process. Designers need your critical feedback to improve their games and find out where they break. These games are close to finished, but that means your feedback will provide that necessary polish before the game goes to market.

The Designers and their Games


-Aerjen Tamminga “Pleasant Dreams”

-Don Mitchell “Clairvoyance”

-Joe Mclintock “Ore: The Mining Game”

-Mackenzie Cameron “Killer Croquet”

-Gene Mackles “3”

Help us to celebrate our local game designers. We’ll see you there.

Are you a game designer yourself? Want to playtest and share with some of the brightest designers in Boston? Or maybe you just like playing the latest and greatest games. Either way you should check out the Game Makers Guild of Boston.

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