Meet Tapple.

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Tapple just came to us from USAopoly, and I love it!

So, what’s the deal with Tapple?

Ever played that game in which one player chooses a category and you take turns naming things that fit that category without repeating any? My friends and I called it “Categories”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other names for it out there. Anyhow – Tapple is that, but with a small twist, and all the work done for you!

What makes Tapple special?

It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s fun, and with a quick-thinking group, quite challenging! Plus, the contraption used to play is just awesome. But more than that, these qualities – plus the fact that it’s easy to teach – make it a great game to meet new people over. Knight Moves is a great place to make friends out of strangers, and it’s easy to welcome anyone into a game of Tapple!

Alright, so what’s the gameplay like?

Draw a card from the deck and read the category out loud. The cards are double-sided with four different colors total – you can prevent repeats by choosing a different color to use each time you play.

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Press the red button in the middle of the Tapple contraption to start the game! Whoever is going first must quickly name something in the category, press down the letter that corresponds to the first letter of that word, and then hit the red button in the middle to start the timer for the next player!

For example, if the category is “something soft” and I say “teddy bear”, then I push down the T on the contraption and then push the red button to start the timer for the next player.

Photo 2014-03-24 11.59.07 AM.jpg

Of course, the catch is that you can’t reuse letters, so make sure your answer starts with a letter that hasn’t been used yet!

If on your turn you are unable to come up with a valid answer, you’re out. All the remaining players play a new category – keep going until there is only one person left standing!

I think I get it. Who do you recommend this game to?

Anyone who enjoys word games would get a kick out of Tapple. It has a lot to recommend it – minimal setup, easy to learn how to play, and short play time means that anyone can get playing in a minute or two. Despite it being in a category of games I typically dislike (that category being “games that pretty much existed before someone put it in a box and sold it”), I really appreciate both this crazy contraption that does all the timing and word tracking for you and the great categories included with the game.

The biggest problem I can see in this game is player elimination, which is something some players try to avoid – because who likes being left out? The game is short enough that the player elimination isn’t too bad, but for those who don’t care to engage with it at any length, I can recommend a variant. Rather than eliminating the player who was unable to answer, give them the card. After a predetermined number of rounds, whoever has the fewest cards wins!

So if you’re a fan of word or party games, give Tapple a try next time you’re at Knight Moves! And hey, maybe even use it as an icebreaker to turn some strangers into friends.

To Summarize:
Players: 2-8 (or more but it can get wonky)
Time: About 10 minutes, but depends on number of players
Strategy: 1
Luck: 1
Complexity: 1
Game Elements: Words, Speed/Quick Thinking, Player Elimination

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