Table Talk: How did you come to value games in your life?

Hey folks, welcome to our first Table Talk article! Joining our “meet a board game” series and event announcements, Table Talk is a new regular feature on our blog in which we invite our growing community to chat with us about a wide variety of topics. Posts will largely be focused on board and card games (Knight Moves is, after all, a board game cafe) but not exclusively. In fact, if you’ve got any ideas for topics here, please share them in the comments!

I’m very excited to be posting “Meet Ticket to Ride” later this week, giving me a chance to talk about a game that is very special to me. Ticket to Ride is one of three games, the other two being Dominion and The Settlers of Catan, that really drew me into the world of games and made board games one of my primary hobbies.

I was always primed to treat gaming as a hobby. My fascination with games started very young, when I began collecting Monopoly boards and sought to understand how the game worked – which properties were the best value, which spaces you are least likely to land on, and when to send a property to auction and when to buy it outright. Oh yes – I was the kid that wanted to play with auctions (ironically, most folks didn’t have the patience for auctions, despite the fact that they actually shorten the game significantly). I also collected a variety of other games, some of which are still prominent among hobby gamers, like Dungeon! which was recently redesigned or Robo Rally. And of course, Magic: the Gathering.

Through college, I played board games less and less often, with friends that preferred video games and otherwise no idea about what was out there in terms of board games. In grad school, I went on a trip with someone who introduced me to The Settlers of Catan. I loved it! I immediately bought the four boxes available along with the 5-6 player expansions for each. This was total overkill, but I was so excited to have found this game that I just wanted all of it!

It wasn’t until I played Dominion and Ticket to Ride at a Eureka! game night in Brookline that I really bought in though. I bought those games at Eureka! and my wife and I spent many hot days that summer relaxing in the air conditioning playing Ticket to Ride and Dominion over and over and over. We don’t have as much time to do this anymore, but when we do have time, we still enjoy a good game marathon together.

Games have strengthened friendships, helped me forge new ones, and brought my wife and I closer together. Which leads me to my question for the blog readers in our community – What role do games play in your life, and how did you come to value games as a worthwhile activity?

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2 Responses to Table Talk: How did you come to value games in your life?

  1. Robin says:

    Hi! (I have not been to Knight Moves yet–saw it while walking to get to somewhere else and am waiting for a chance to stop by!)

    I liked playing board games as a kid (Monopoly, Sorry, etc) but then “grew out of them” as I got older and fewer and fewer of my friends wanted to play them. In college, a few friends of friends introduced me to Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. Eventually, that got my closer group of friends hooked, and now I have a good number of people to play with that all like finding new games.

    I like socializing, but I find it much easier and less stressful when social time is centered around an activity. Board games provide the perfect context, because there is an immediate common ground and something to talk about. It also makes for a light mood and brings out people’s competitive sides…which is mostly a good thing. I find that it is a good way to get to know people. The people I started playing board games with a few years ago are some of my closest friends today (and I am married to one of them 🙂 )

    • parallelkeys says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Robin! That’s great that you met your spouse through gaming – we here at Knight Moves certainly value the communities and relationships that are built around board games. We can’t wait to see you when you have time to stop in!

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