What is the Entrance for Knight Moves Cafe?


Where are you Located?
1402 Beacon St. Brookline, MA

What are your hours?
Monday – Thursday: 11 am – 11pm
Friday: 11am – 2am
Saturday: 11am – 2am
Sunday: 11am – 11pm

When did you open?
We opened officially on December 22 2013.

How much does it cost to play games?
A Meeble Entrance is a cover charge of $10 per person.

Do I have to pay to get in?
Nope, just when you decide to play a game

Do I have to pay per game/ hour?
Nope, the $10 is a one-time fee that covers our entire collection of over 300+ games, and stands for the whole day.

Ex. You and a group of friends come. You all pay the $10 fee, and play for several hours, then you leave to get something to eat and come back a few hours later that same day. You are still able to pick out another game and resume playing without another fee.

Is there a membership?
Yes there is! There are two different memberships; a casual membership and a premium membership.

How much is a membership?
Casual membership – $15
Premium membership – $120

Are there any rewards for being a member?
Of course! Our casual membership offers a free drink every time you come in, as well as a 40% discount on a meeble entrance, and an extra 3 entrances on a knight multipack!
The Premium membership offers free drinks, and pastries, and unlimited entrances for an entire month!

Does my membership cover my family/ friends?
No. only the person with the membership will get the benefits.

Is there a group discount?
Yes there is! We offer a knight multipack. For $50 you get 6 entrances, so if you have a group of 6 you each pay $8.33 instead of 10!

How Does a Knight Multipack work?
The Multipack comes with 6 entrances (9 if you are a member). Once you purchase a knight multipack we put your name and email address in our system, and every time you come in, instead of paying we simply take from your remaining entrances. You can also share your entrances with friends and family.

Ex.Two weeks ago you bought a knight multipack and have yet to use it. Today you come in and you bring two friends. One of your friends pays the meeble entrance, but the other is a little short. You (being the nice person you are) use 2 of your 6 entrances to cover both you and your friend. Now you have 4 left for next time!

Do my Entrances expire?
No. as long as you are in the system your Entrances will never expire.

Can I come in even if I’m not playing a game?
Of course!

Do I have to pay anything if I’m not playing a game?
Of course not! The $10 fee is only for our board games, if you wish to use our café to do homework, drink some coffee, or just hang out, please feel free.

Can I host birthday parties / events there?
Yes. Our café features two event rooms, the smaller room is typically used for groups around 4-6, while our larger room is typically for groups around 8+.

How much does it cost to host birthday parties / events?
The base model that we use is as followed:

$10 per person

$100 per room per hour

$50 for cake and pizza

These prices are subject to change and we are both open to debate and suggestion. If you are interested in more details please emails us at Knightmovescafe@gmail.com

Do you take reservations?
Yes. It is a $10 fee per four seats.

Can I bring in food and drinks from other places?
If you are bringing in outside food or drinks please call us at (617) 487-5259 ahead of time to make sure its ok.

I have a problem that isn’t listed here how do I reach you?
Send us an Email at knightmovescafe@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!